Hey There!

I am a Personal Luxury Designer from the Bay Area; making custom clothes as my brain is inspired. Currently in SoCal, in an effort to help shape my creations in the best light, I have taken up photography as well. Doing so has helped me be a better designer. I tend to think more about light, angles, styles, fabric, and comfort in a different way because I have more than one view.
By day I’m in the medical field. I know completely Left, right? But, my main joy is in helping others and sharing in special moments. Working with medicine keeps me connected to families, communication, diversity and sharing my spirit to help others heal and be happy. All around……. it’s about heart, expression and leaving an impression.

I began sewing at 11, and continued by teaching myself over the last 20+ years. Along the way I’ve done some studying in internships with people leading in my field, as well as working with other designers to build my range of technique and refine my skills. Layering photography into my work over the last 2 years has allowed me to work with a great network of creative professionals.
My other major loves in life are my family, dog children, music, food and reading. And of course, the great outdoors. so….I guess kinda a lot, right? Lol. Living on SoCal now, I’m here to build by sharing and leave that lasting impression for my legacy.