Meet the Designer,
Dominque F.

I am a Luxury Fashion Designer focusing on custom bespoke pieces as a way of empowering my clients to love the skin they’re in and tell their story.

I starting this sewing thing in the 6th grade; back when school offered either cooking or sewing class for home-ec. I assumed I had a mom to teach me how to cook, and I wanted all of the skills, so I chose sewing of course!

Our final project was to hand stitch pillows together. And, out of all of the pillows I could have chosen, I chose the most advanced one; a watermelon shaped pillow that had like 15 or 17 pieces.(I love a good sewing challenge moment.) Completing that pillow gave me an appreciation for making things. I just hated hand sewing, but love to create. A family member gave me my first sewing machine and I worked hard teaching myself how to sew. It was all history from there.

Growing up, my struggle to find clothes that excite me always kept my brain thinking and innovating. I was one of those people that liked to find something “one of kind” special that others don’t have.

And btw, haven’t you ever noticed going into your closet and trying to find something to wear, and wanting to always wear that favorite pair of pants that make your butt look cute. Or, that favorite t-shirt that’s worn and weathered to perfection? You ever gone into your closet crossing your fingers hoping it’s clean? Well that’s the type of pieces I wanted in my closet. I want everything to be my favorite, and I want the same for my clients. Things that excite me are things that traditionally are NOT done. The weird, over the top, the extra, artistic, and of course the absolutely gorgeous.

So, after 25+ years of honing my craft, I’m turning my skills to aim towards serving more of the community. In the past few years, I’ve branched out into filling community needs with teaching classes(virtual through covid, sip and sew classes, 1:1 sewing lessons, and draping). I also ran accountability groups while consulting and creating tech-packs so other new designers could get their dreams from sketch to garment.

I’m a jack of all trades behind the seams. And, my goal is keep ‘sewing’ artistic skills into the community(pun intended). These are skills that the world needs more of!