How long in advance Should I book for a custom order?

1-2 months. We do take on smaller projects. However, we find that clients have better peace of mind if we have the option of getting done earlier than the due date. And, it gives us room if problems arise. The earlier the better, so we can block out the time to dedicate to serving you.

What does that process look like?

First complete a contact form, so we can check availability and make sure the project meet our requirements and expertise. Then we have an intake appointment. They are completed virtually to plan out the vision of your product, discus fabrics, inspirations, and your overall goal and how to achieve it. You will receive your estimated cost with contract and payment plan following your appointment. Once your first payment is received you have booked your project. Once your start date comes, we will make appointment to get measurements, schedule fittings. We will plan to have 2-3 fittings before your project is complete. Your final payment is due prior to you receiving your finished piece(s)

How are payments structured?

In general, I take half up front and half upon delivery for all totals over $400. For total less than $400, that full amount if due. There are definitely times where other payment arrangements can be structured on a case by case basis.

What is your refund Policy?

For custom orders, your project will be assigned a start date. You can think of this as the point of no return. lol. If you cancel before your start date, you will get a full refund of any amounts paid. After your start date, all amount are non-refundable. They are non-refundable, because at that point service are being rendered, and I start buying your supplies, and officially start work on your project.

Do you take orders out of State?

Yes I do. There is an additional charge. But, that is because I create a custom dress form to make sure to get your fit and measurement right to account for the lack of fittings there will be.

All Alterations are final cost, and no-refundable as services are rendered.


Do you use drop shipping?

Absolutely not. We ship directly to you using USPS with a tracking number. Because our items in the shop are already made, They’re just waiting for you to claim yours. So, orders are shipped within 2-3 days. And, in our experience so far our orders have been known to be received in 2-3days( finger crossed that this keeps happening)

Do you accept returns?

Yes, we accept returns. If the piece is (not washed and not worn)put in the return mail, and a refund request is received within 3 days of delivery, then you will receive a full refund. However, the refund does not include the return shipping you have to pay to return it. Please email a refund request to